Bye Bye Boston & Blogger Goes on Break

For those of you who know me personally you've been wondering how it is that I've lived in Boston my whole life. A lover of sunshine and warmth I've wondered the same thing and I've always thought I was born in the wrong place because those brutally cold Boston winters never get any easier despite my 30+ years of experience. So I am proud and excited and scared all at the same time to announce that I am finally relocating to a warmer climate! Yes, you've read that right. I am packing up and headed west to La La Land, a.k.a. Los Angeles. <<cue the O.C. theme song>>

Having never really spent much time in California and always being the crazy planner that I am you can imagine the thoughts and emotions I'm experiencing at the moment. Excited to experience something new. Scared of the unknown. Curious of what lies ahead. Confused that I will not need a puffy down coat in winter or big clunky snow boots (just confused about wardrobe in general....). Thankful to be young and able and to have the opportunity to do something like this. Sad to leave behind friends and family and the support system I've built over so many years. Overwhelmed to find a home, all new healthcare providers, hair stylists, therapists, fitness instructors. Worried how a quiet little New England girl will fit in with all the cool cats of LA. But most importantly, I'm HAPPY to be doing this with my number 1 by my side.

So this Friday I say goodbye to Boston, throw our belongings in storage and hit the road, literally. No planes for us, my husband and I are driving so we can get our car out there, which from what I understand we will be needing a lot more than we've ever needed a car here. We will be taking a (minor) detour to Florida to spend a couple of weeks with my parents and from there we will be making our way west stopping along the way in states that I've never seen. Yay, checking items off the bucket list!

I am also letting my readers know that my blog posts will be temporarily on hold while I take on life on the road but I encourage you to follow me on Instagram @jetsettingwithjess as I road trip across country. Once I'm settled I will pick back up right where I left off, promise!

Oh and one last thing. The invite to LA will always be open! Come on, you know you want to visit us ;)